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Letting go

July 5th, 2006

Both yesterday and today I had lunch with pre-teens that I’ve been mentoring for the past two years. Today I was amazed by Sandra’s (not her real name) openness. The last few times I met with her were somewhat frustrating for me because instead of wanting to talk she wanted to watch a movie, play with her sisters, chat with her parents, and hang out with her guinea pig. I’d gotten the feeling she was hiding something, or that she simply didn’t want my company. Today was very satisfying. We had the sort of conversation a youth worker lives for: open, honest, vulnerable and about real life. I felt priveledged to learn her heart and hear her concerns. As I wind down two years of youth work, I know it is time to let go. I can imagine that this is a mere portion of what a parent feels seeing her daughter or son off to university or move away for work. Man, I’m going to miss these kids! Their stories and struggles have enlarged my life and challenged my own walk of faith. Even though there has been considerable stress dealing with some church politics and off kilter personalities, I have savoured my time as a youth worker. As I learn to loosen my heart’s clasp on these pre-teens, my biggest hope is that they will grow to be like Jesus.

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