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A produced playwright!

October 30th, 2006

Whew! It’s been a long time since I last wrote. I am now a produced playwright. Two of my one acts went up last week – BROKEN THINGS and NORMAL. It was a lot of work. Some 14 hour days, only taking one day a week off for two months, and last week I stupidly didn’t even take Sunday off and paid for it by feeling on the edge of burn-out. God designed Sabbath for a good reason!

I think the plays went very well. The acting was open and honest, the directing of BROKEN THINGS was visionary and aesthetically pleasing (I directed NORMAL, so I can’t comment on the directing of that piece!), the lighting was effective. And a good number of people were touched. Some friends told me two days later that they were “haunted” by BROKEN THINGS. One woman told me that she felt like she held her breath through the entire show. For me, the fact that it may have been a faulty script and that my own directing may not have been the strongest, doesn’t outweigh that most people seemed genuinely affected by the two plays somehow. James really encouraged me by saying that people in the audience got to excercise compassion during the two plays, and were given the chance to vicariously experience a situation they may have been unaware of.

Was it worth two months of not having a life? I would say yes. Next time I produce two plays – in March – I won’t direct one, do all the media/publicity and work at re-writes at the same time. I think my husband would appreciate that….