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The lull

May 1st, 2008

This week has been a nice break from the sometimes overwhelming work load that comes from writing, acting in and producing TSGW. There have been things to do this week; rehearsing, working on the script, photo-shopping the poster picture, replying and sending the usual e-mails, but it has been wonderfully manageable. The easy pace of production will end tomorrow. I am getting together with the publicist at Pacific Theatre, who will share her knowledge of all things marketing/publicity related, which will give me tonnes to do thereafter. James comes home tonight from Las Vegas, and we will begin to work on the web site. Also tomorrow, I will begin to collaborate with my poster-designer on the poster design. Plus there will be the usual rehearsing, working on the script, memorizing lines and the organizational arranging that is producing. (And since I am the costume designer, props and set person, there are those tasks to consider and execute as well.)

But for now, I enjoy the time and space to listen to interviews with playwrights, start work a little later than normal, read a book during lunch, and to breathe easy.

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