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Sneak Peek

May 24th, 2008

Here’s a sneak-peek sample of the Media Release about THE SADDEST GIRL IN THE WORLD:

Separated from everyone she knows. Haunted by a bloody past. Natya believes Canada is the beginning of a new life. Canada harbours dirty secrets of its own, however, and Natya must face personal demons in a fight to survive. Natya’s one possible ally is Ava: an innocent woman she has never met, whose dreams of jewels glimmer with hope.

Canada takes pride in its multi-cultural society and in attracting the well-educated from around the globe. Recent news articles by CBC and The Globe and Mail have exposed that multitudes of highly educated, experienced immigrants struggle to feed their families by laboring at low-skilled jobs. Contemporary immigrants are among the victims of Canada’s wage gap in which the rich get richer. For immigrants from conflicted countries, the physical presence of former enemies makes the struggle to fulfill “the Canadian dream” all the more difficult.

Otherwise Productions hopes to enter into the discussion of how Canada’s government and caring individuals might aid our newest citizens.

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