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The Winnipeg Fringe Begins!

July 14th, 2008

Very excited. I arrived in Winnipeg last night after a 30 hour bus ride from Toronto. In spite of leg cramps, butt aches and little sleep, the ride actually wasn’t so terrible. I sat beside a lovely, amiable (and small framed) Dane named Tina, so conversation went well, and personal space was not such an issue.

Today begins the Fringe adventure. I will pick up posters and postcards this morning, then am off to talk to “the media”, and then to a technical rehearsal. After preview performances in Wells, Vancouver, and then for both my family and my in-laws, I am ready to start performing. A few more run-throughs on my own to ensure that all my transitions are lickety-split, and I will be in great shape. I am looking forward to meeting other Fringe performers, talking meaningfully with audience members, and going to see other Fringe shows. I am more blase about hours of handing out postcards and being super-outgoing to strangers in order to sell my show.

I need to come up with a great one-line statement, so that I don’t wear out my voice trying to explain the premise of the show. “You think your life is sad? Come see The Saddest Girl in the World!”, might be insulting. “The Saddest Girl in the World will make you happy!”, might be okay, though it’s a little vague. How about, “I am The Saddest Girl in the World. Come see my show and you’ll be happy.” ? Any ideas, folks?

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